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I am a qualified Psychotherapist / ​Counsellor offering sessions at ​convenient location in West Yorkshire ​and online via teams.

Clients who come to see me maybe feel ​as though they have hit a roadblock, ​struggling to understand their emotions ​and thoughts, they are perhaps unsure ​how to overcome this barrier on their own. ​They are open to gaining self-awareness ​and want to understand their own thought ​processes and how they can take control ​of the way they think and feel. I like to be ​able to give my clients tools that they can ​take away with them and use in future, ​with a new found confidence to manage ​issues that come up as they continue ​through life.

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Having had my own experiences through ​life and overcome my own struggles, I ​understand the journey is unique to each ​of us. I am a very empathic person with a ​great ability to reflect back to my clients in ​a way that helps them to achieve growth ​and self-acceptance, helping you feel ​ready & able to move forward with life ​feeling stronger and happier.

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How does therapy work?

During our initial sessions we will spend time diving ​deep into the issues that have led you to be here, ​through this process we can both learn your triggers ​and understand why you process the way you do, ​following sessions will work on the process of ​unlearning unhealthy thought processes and learning ​new healthy ways to manage mental and physical ​symptoms as you build towards your goals.

I work in an integrative way, this means that I have an ​array of skills and tools that I can draw upon during our ​sessions to help my clients to process and reflect in a ​way that works best for you.


Why choose Future Aims

Choosing a therapist can feel like a minefield, firstly, ask ​yourself, what has brought you to therapy? There is no right ​or wrong answer, perhaps you have faced an adverse event ​in your life or perhaps you are finding yourself feeling low ​and you don't know why.

Secondly consider, what would you like to achieve from ​therapy? For some people this is to feel happier, more ​content, stronger, more confident, or perhaps you just feel ​you need someone to talk to that will just listen.

I put my clients at the forefront of what I do, your therapy ​journey is about you, thats why I offer a free consultation so ​we can get to know eachother, you can decide if im the ​therapist for you and I can get to know more details about ​you to help you get the most out of therapy.

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Future aims therapy

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